Coastal Chaos 2018!

For the second yard in a row, Green Mountain Roller Derby’s Grade A Fancy is traveling to Rockport, Maine at the end of April to skate against competitors from all across the country in a multi-day, internationally ranked tournament called Coastal Chaos.

Coach Krystina, along with team Captains Cryptic Kablam, Quil, and Beast Infection, have created goal-specific practices leading up to Coastal Chaos in order to prep the team for the weekend-long competition.

“Bringing up our team both on and off the track is our primary goal this season, and winning games will be a side-effect,” explained Kablam.

From GMRD’s home venue at the Champlain Valley Exposition, skaters have been working on footwork, lateral movements, and landing solid hits. While Coach has been focusing on endurance and strength in skating skills, Captains have been stressing to the skaters the importance of being able to talk to one another on the track, while simultaneously skating and playing a game. A task that, according to most skaters, is easier said than done.

“Our communication drills involve blockers making sure that they’re talking to their teammates while doing the physical blocking, both one on one, and working our way into a small pack,” said Kablam.

This year‘s roster for Coastal Chaos includes an amazing mix of new and older skaters including Trasher D, Cryptic Kablam, Rad Rover, Kirb Stomp, Quil, Snatch McKraken, Folsom Bruise, Poison Apple, Risk, Beast Infection, Savage Patch Kid, Maulin’ Mulekick, Vagicheal Jackson, Breaker, Fox, and ‘Risk.

Newly chartered Fancy skater, Trasher D, is looking forward to playing in her first ever WFTDA sanctioned tournament.

“I’m so excited to play with my team, and to meet all the people we will skate against,” she said. “Even more exciting though, is the opportunity to hang out with my teammates for 72 hours!”

To help curb traveling costs, GMRD is hosting a merch fundraiser. Fans can got to our online fundraiser page and order GMRD tee-shirts, tank tops or bags. Proceeds from the merch goes towards skaters’ travel fees, which are all self funded.