Green Mountain vs Fog City on May 19th!

You would think that after competing in a tournament a few weeks ago, in which GMRD moved up 13 spots to #213 on WFTDA Rankings, the Grade A Fancy would take a break for a bit. But only two days after returning home to Vermont, wheels were spinning on the floor at the Champlain Valley Expo.

Captains Seraquil, Cryptic Kablam and Breast Infection have their minds focused on taking the skills learned from Coastal Chaos and pushing the team to win the upcoming May 19 game against New Brunswick’s Shipyard Sirens (currently ranked WFTDA #233) of the Fog City Rollers.

The recent tournament gave the Fancies the opportunity to utilize the skills that they’ve been developing together all season. The team saw regular rotation jammers Vagichael Jackson and Savage Patch Kid play to their strengths all weekend, using their footwork to earn points by juking aggressively around the other team’s blockers. Meanwhile, Kirb Stomp, pushed and hit her way through most of her opponents, leaving the other team high and dry. Coach Krystina reached deep into the bench to complete the jammer rotation by pulling out veteran blockers Snatch McKraken and Seraquil. Both skaters were incredibly effective as Grade A Fancy jammers. Seraquil walked away with her first ever MVP jammer award.

In the pack, Seraquil, yet again, played a huge role as a defensive communicator and offensive partner to the jammer. Fancy veterans Breaker, Snatch McKraken, Folsom Bruise, Fox, Cryptic Kablam, Savage Patch Kid and Kirb Stomp also help guide the packs, as up and coming skaters Rad Rover, Klitorisk, TrasHer, and Beast Infection held strong defensive walls. Local veteran skaters Poison Apple and Mule Kick of North East Kingdom Roller Derby (NEK) helpfully joined the ranks to complete the roster for the Fancies by both blocking and jamming successfully through the weekend.

The Grade A Fancy spent January through April focusing on communication, building strong defensive lines and power jam offensive plays. With the team’s other skills now in check, going into this game the focus has shifted toward strategy. Coach Krystina and the Captains have been teaching some of the newer skaters more in depth nuances on the game, including how to effectively save points by outracing the other team. With only a few days of practice left, we’ll have to see how it all plays out on Saturday night.

Tickets for our game on May 19th are for sale online through Seven Days Tickets! More details are below:


Roller Derby at the Champlain Valley Exposition! Green Mountain Roller Derby’s A Team, the Grade A Fancy, will take on the Fog City Rollers’ Shipyard Sirens on Saturday, May 19th.


Doors open at 5:00pm, first whistle at 6:00pm

Special half-time demonstration by Vermont’s only junior roller derby team: The Minor Catastrophes

Grab a drink in our enormous beer garden with your friends, or bring the whole family. Our Spring Slam Jam will have something for everyone! Face painting, kids games, a special halftime event with tons of prizes to win. You won’t want to miss this!

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Join in all the excitement, athleticism, and fun of women’s flat track roller derby right in your own backyard. We’ll see you track side!

Purchase your tickets in advance online before ticket prices go up at the door.

Door Prices:

FREE Ages 6 & under

$6 Ages 7-12

$10 Seniors, Students, & Military

$12 Adult

Plus fees & taxes

Don’t forget to join us at our after party, hosted at McGillicuddy’s Five Corners! Meet the crew from Green Mountain, Fog City, and more while you get a bite to eat and a drink after the game. See you there!