Rookie Blog – Just Betty

I hear it over and over again from my fairly new co workers (I have been at my job for 8 months). “You do Roller Derby?” “Isn’t that a tough sport?” “You don’t seem like a roller derby girl”…

What is a roller derby girl anyway? At GMRD I have met ladies from every walk of life. In their 20s, 30s, 40s, professional, athletic, never worked out until now (that’s me), timid, loud, tall, short, big and small!

We all have one thing in common, a drive to push our selves, even on our worst days. We also have a confidence that can only come from an incredible supportive community.

I was at a point in my life where I needed to shake things up. I was sitting at home one night feeling lonely and sad. A blast came across my Facebook feed for a GMRD rookie night and I said why not!

That was in January and I am so glad I went. I ice skated when I was younger, but had done nothing athletic in years! (And dont worry if you have never been on any kind of skate, blades or wheels, you’ll be fine!)

That first practice kicked my ass but I never felt better! I am taking it one practice at a time and after my second attempt I passed my first assesments and took my first hit (in training, totally expected) and it hurt! But guess what I am going back, I will get stronger and more stable on my skates and I will hit back (in a regulated non penalty causing way)!

So to all of you I say yes. I AM A DERBY GIRL. No matter what you see when you look at me. This journey has just begun and I can’t wait to see where it takes me!

Yours truly, Just Betty 84